About Us

Our History

James Armitage has been advising clients on Pensions and Investments since 2006, throughout the cycle of the market peak, subsequent financial crash and resulting climate of austerity. Our realism is founded within that experience.

Vantage Wealth has been trading since 2015 and has been based in the Square Mile during that time.  As well as advising City professionals we are specialised in supporting Individuals from all different walks of life and growing our business all over London and the South East.


James Armitage, Financial Planner

Trading only since 2016 as Vantage Wealth, James has previously - having abandoned Birkenhead on the Wirral to venture south in 2006 - built up his business on the strength of client relationships and good old-fashioned hard work.

Take it as read that we're qualified and expert in the technical aspects of pensions, savings and investments, life assurance and business protection. We understand that our clients want service delivered swiftly, efficiently and with the minimum of fuss.

Our perceptive analysis is rooted within a pragmatic view of the realities of the UK financial system's vested interests, with the aim that institutions make as little unearned profit from you as possible.

Prepare to be challenged

We propose bold solutions with occasional brutal honesty.

Our approach is forthright and direct. We question our clients closely and robustly about their hopes, goals and financial aspirations. Our discussions with you will focus on what you want to achieve - not on products and policies.

Our aim is to build a long-term partnership with clients. We don't claim to offer quick fixes for your finances. Like you, we are in this for the longer term.

Our style and manner may not suit everyone, but being honest about your situation merely saves time by recognising reality earlier.

What we deal with

We specialise in dealing with the diverse financial needs of London-based professionals who look to us for advice and guidance and appreciate our direct manner. We operate under the self-evident assumptions that none of our clients wish to:-

  • Pay unnecessary tax - on income, capital gains or death
  • Be poor in old age
  • Leave their family destitute under any circumstances
  • Deceive themselves about the reality of their situation
  • Waste time
  • Be unhappy